cap hill, seattle, wa: Tacos chukis

prickly pear tacos & others_DSC1416seattle, wa: kastoori grill

after piroshky’s we hit up the only place open on the 4th. everything from the basmati rice to the onion encrusted naan to the spicy-as-fuck curry really was fire in our mouths. yum.


seattle, wa: din tai fung

any seattle-ite knows how good the soup filled dumplings are. so..when in rome bitch!



sequim,wa: nourish

we stumbled upon this tiny cottage with its own lavender garden and botanicals

With the summer berry fruit crisp and coconut cream, I had a crepe– all vegan, a blend of legumes, oat, fruits and vegetables coated in warm spices, sautéed and served on Socca bread with Chef’s hummus and arugula salad with olive caper vinaigrette. Roark had some ridiculously fresh Dungeness crab.


fremont, wa: molly moon’s

a bit about roark– he loves ice cream more than me.

There are several scattered throughout seattle, polluting the air with unbearably delicious aromas of freshly pressed waffles. according to him, its unlike anything he’s every tried. we went three other times during our visit. yea, three times. oh and also, salted caramel all three times.


eugene, or: viva! vegetarian grill

we were starved after our campout at diamond lake by crater lake. we found a vegan food cart and got us some fine-ass tacos with cashew cheese sauce, hot dogs and thai iced tea_DSC1108

portland, or: whiskey soda lounge

we were too lazy and fat to wait for pok pok and so we went across the street.

to be honest that vegan pad thai was more flavorful than the regular kind. roark got the pork belly._DSC1306_DSC1307

portland,or: back to eden bakery

we didn’t realize that a couple blocks down on division, there was a food cart city, with a majority of them begin vegan or vegan friendly, all locally sourced. portlandia was spot on.

roark got a cookies and cream milkshake and I finally got the vegan donut of my dreams–lavender pistachio with rosewater._DSC1313

steamboat springs, co: rootz

after our night in aspen trees we grabbed a quick bite before heading back down to denver. I got a sort of buddha bowl and roark got a panini with proscuitto, organic pear, organic arugula, port salut cheese, balsamic reduction._DSC2092

portland,or: salt & straw

they had the most creative flavors. i got the vegan coconut mint chip whoopie pie with CHUNKS of whoopie in it.

roark got two: fresh cheese&strawberries with a scoop of goat cheese marionberry habanero_DSC2022

portland,or: namu

korean-hawaiian fusion was common throughout the city so we had to…_DSC2012


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